As we’ve tried to build this collection of people we call No Moss, we’ve discovered, experimented, and continue to refine these observations:

Self-management over entitlement
over corporatism
over output
Experimentally evolving structures
over unconscious existing paradigms

There’s actually very little value on the right; yet we recognise that our emphasis on the left pushes simultaneously against societal norms and expectations in the world of work. So we try our best to emphasise the left, via conversations, role modelling, coaching, documents such as this — perhaps in the future via yet more channels.

We recognise that the work to move and evolve this further is never finished.

A few crazy, dancing people. A little less lonely for having had done it together.

This series tells the story of the “why” at No Moss Co. As a company, we are forever working toward being the most purposeful ecosystem in the world. This means that we grow purpose-driven; committed people — in every conversation, skill by skill, interaction by interaction. That includes this set of posts. Come and share in the lessons we’ve learned in this blog and our other free materials, below.

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