Here’s hoping these gems will be preserved for the future, and that this list inspires you to go on a kung fu wuxia film binge


With the fall of Hong Kong to a genocidal authoritarian regime, it is unlikely that the peerless film industry of this city will ever see a resurgence that historically produced celluloid treasures the likes of A Better Tomorrow, In the Mood for Love, or Infernal Affairs.

Unconvinced? Clearly Scorsese is

How I’m ensuring I am forever learning and growing

tl;dr — I’m going to spend 42 hours making a game from scratch in my free time, to see what can be done and to grow myself.

What is growth mindset? Why care about it?

Peony Mulberry the Busy, a character in the world of the Six Groves. (from Hexgrove Books, the couch co-op action game from No Moss Studios)

I teach a lot of classes, emphasising to companies large and small and people senior and junior the vital importance of the growth…

How to practice the practice of getting practice

Angela Duckworth, articulates the utility of grit — a character trait I’m in the practice of building — in this manner:

  • grit helps you build a given skill, via practice; such that you may, with practice be able to match those with talent
  • once you have obtained skill through practice…

Steven HK Ma

Chief Purpose Officer of No Moss Co • Executive Agilist • Non-Profit Optimiser • Purpose Maximiser • Speculative Fiction Author

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